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amble8 is the story of a woman with a gypset lifestyle who assumes her desires and follows her ideals. A more personal, more concrete life path.


She is a woman committed to herself and to nature, wishing to live in a fairer and more respectful world!


She seeks to rise spiritually, to live in a perfect symbiosis between body and spirit, to learn to love herself more and to accept her body as it is, without judgment!


The brand offers customizable lingerie with crystal jewelry like amethyst, to bring to your physical, emotional and spiritual body positive changes in your life provided by the energy and virtues of each stone.


The amble8 lingerie respects the woman's body by perfectly marrying its forms, bras without underwire for greater comfort in everyday life with vegetable fiber materials such as lyocell extracted from eucalyptus and delicate French lace.


amble8 supports sustainable fashion and eco-responsible consumption, by offering collections of limited series with quality materials and Oeko-Tex certified.

amble8 wants to help women feel good and be in perfect harmony with their body and mind.

The Amethyst

We use semi-precious spiritual stones on our lingerie, supporting your mind to have more balance and strength, helping you overcome your challenges. 


It is important for us to use natural

 fabrics and do whatever we can to have a production respectful of nature.


Immersing yourself in the spiritual world of the founder, Sonia.

From yoga tips to understanding how to use spiritual stones, we share it all.

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