We chose to give women the opportunity to personalize lingerie with jewels but not just any of them, these are jewels made by little women's hands, in a workshop in the heart of the mountains in Haute-Savoie. We want to share and perpetuate this know-how.

Each model is sold with the small leaf of the logo and a semi-precious amethyst stone, but you can add or replace it with other jewelry.

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24k Gold Plated

Amethyst Stone

Designer Jewelry



Wash the lingerie by hand, preferably with natural softeners to avoid damaging the jewelry.

The amethyst must be cleaned energetically before being worn, it is important that the stone is emptied vigorously, for what is only your energy and brings you its benefits.

Deposit sea salt in a glass of water and introduce the jewel, leave a whole day.

It is advisable to purify your jewel with the energy of the moon for several hours.


Prefer the full moon for greater power.

Avoid exposing the stone to the sun as this could damage the stone and your lingerie.

Dry the lingerie in the shade.